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Low Protein Gap - Total protein albumin/globulin (/) ratio, With a low total protein that is due to plasma expansion (dilution of the blood), the a/g ratio will typically be normal because both albumin and globulin will be diluted to the same extent. following an abnormal total protein result and depending on the suspected cause, more specific tests are typically performed to make an accurate diagnosis.. Low anion gap: symptoms, , diagnosis - healthline, Potential causes and diagnosis of a low anion gap having a low anion gap value is very rare. the most common causes of low anion gap results may include the following.. Always work significant globulin gap – shm abstracts, Also, his total serum protein was 10.0 and serum albumin was 2.2, to give a globulin gap of 7.8. serum and urine protein electrophoresis (spep and upep) were ordered to investigate the etiology of his elevated globulin gap, and a monoclonal igm kappa spike was identified in his spep.. Serum total protein - wikipedia, Serum total protein, also known as total protein, is a biochemical test for measuring the total amount of protein in serum. [1] protein in the serum is made up of albumin and globulin .. What anion gap? | reference., The most common cause of a low anion gap level is a lack of albumin protein in the blood, or hypoalbuminemia, when immunoglobulin levels are increased.. What anion gap? ( pictures), Having a low anion gap is fairly rare, and in some studies has been shown to be present in less than 1 percent of hospitalized patients. ad patients who have decreased levels of albumin — a protein made by the liver that circulates in the blood — can have a low anion gap..

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