Rabbit Food Suggestions for a Healthy Diet

Rabbit Foodstuff Solutions for a Healthy Diet program

The correct eating plan keeps rabbits healthier, irrespective of whether you are elevating dwelling pets or breeders. While this is accurate, the form of rabbit meals to supply depends on the animal&#39s existence phase. In common, rabbits prosper on a 16 p.c protein eating plan. Nursing mothers and their kits will need at minimum 18 p.c protein.

The outcomes of a consistent, non-balanced eating plan are straightforward to acknowledge. The coat is uninteresting. The rabbits have a weak immune technique, and they frequently working experience digestive issues. Baby rabbits develop slower.

Rabbit Foodstuff Solutions

  1. Timothy Grass Hay – Often have a good source of this form of hay on hand to be certain that your rabbits get enough fiber. Without the need of hay, your cottontails could have been plagued by hairballs and experience from diarrhea. The animals will probably develop into overweight.
  2. Alfalfa Hay – This must be given to just the adults if that is the only hay form you can find in your space. Portions must be restricted. This hay has high protein written content, too substantially calcium, and far too lots of calories for rabbits.
  3. Manufactured Rabbit Pellets – The bite-sized rabbit pellets that are obtainable in retailers are manufactured from ground hay, vitamins, minerals, and other components that are very good for a bunny&#39s digestive technique. Expert breeders counsel two each day feedings. Give rabbits one particular-eighth to one particular-fourth of a conventional cup for every five lbs . of a rabbit&#39s overall body weight. Remain absent from colored pellets or feed that is old and moldy.
  4. Fresh Greens and Fruits – Eco-friendly-leaf veggies like romaine, parsley, endive, arugula, chervil, dandelion greens, and collard greens are fantastic decisions. Iceberg lettuce must not be on your record of rabbit meals. Its dietary worth is restricted. Do not feed veggies and fruits to child bunnies if you want to prevent enteritis (inflammation of the tiny intestine). Slowly introduce these new foodstuff to your young rabbits, and watch their progress.
  5. Treats – Carrots are starchy and must only be given sparingly as a address. Introduce your rabbits slowly but surely to fruits like cored apples, pears, strawberries, plums, peaches, bananas, and melon. The rabbits must be at minimum six months old before introducing these sorts of rabbit meals.


Water is essential to a rabbit&#39s eating plan. It regulates the animal&#39s overall body temperature during hot summer season times. Adjust the h2o each day, no subject which form of watering technique you use.

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