Penis Skin Discoloration – Four Possible Causes

Penis Pores and skin Discoloration – 4 Probable Triggers

Irrespective of the notice that males give to the ailment of their pores and skin in normal, the penis is pretty much generally a lead to for problem the regular gentleman could attract a map of his bundle with his eyes closed. As a end result, it is not surprising that the appearance of nearly anything uncommon – from dryness to bumps to purple places or acne – can change into a resource for anxiety.

Though a discolored penis is generally practically nothing to get worried about, there are a variety of challenges that can transform the appearance of the penis pores and skin. Knowing the possible will cause of penile discoloration can ease men’s get worried about insignificant versions in pigmentation and to know when they should find healthcare notice for their penis well being.

Submit Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

It is not uncommon for males, specially people with darker pores and skin, to have some versions in coloration in fact, for males of all races, it is ordinary for the penis to be a slightly distinctive colour than the pores and skin on the relaxation of the entire body. When darker pores and skin appears to appear all of a sudden or more than a shorter time period of time, it is pure for males to get worried. A person possible explanation for the prevalence of darker pores and skin is a ailment known as put up inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is simply an more than-creation of melanin in the afflicted place.

This ailment commonly follows an personal injury to the pores and skin irritation from intense masturbation or sex is a very likely lead to for PIH of the penis. A penis afflicted by PIH may well have spots of pores and skin that appear darker brown, or bluish or gray. Though this may well lead to some social embarrassment, it is not contagious and generally fades more than time. Therapy with retinol (vitamin A), laser resurfacing, or microdermabrasion may well be valuable in decreasing the discoloration.


Bruising of the penis subsequent an personal injury can lead to the pores and skin in the afflicted place to darken or to take on a purple, blue or even greenish appearance. A insignificant penis personal injury followed by bruising may well not be a lead to for problem, but a unexpected blow to the member or impression through intercourse could end result in a penile fracture and should be taken care of straight away to protect against extensive-time period troubles.


A purple, blotchy appearance or visible blood vessels underneath the skin’s floor may well also end result from penile personal injury. The discoloration will generally fade as the personal injury heals, but any distress or agony accompanying these signs or symptoms is a indicator that healthcare notice may well be essential.

Penile Vitiligo

In some men and women, spots of pores and skin on the entire body, together with the penis, may well fade in colour of more than time till they turn out to be pretty much completely white. The lead to for this is not however known, but it is not a lead to for problem other than as a beauty challenge.

When to get support for discolored penis pores and skin

Guys who encounter any of the subsequent signs or symptoms together with discolored penis pores and skin should find a experienced healthcare opinion:

  • Soreness
  • Bleeding
  • Itching or burning
  • Scaly, patchy pores and skin or uncommon sores
  • Discharge.

Even when there is practically nothing to get worried about, viewing a qualified urologist or skin doctor can support to ease men’s concerns about their penis. Though it may well come to feel uncomfortable for some males to discuss to a medical professional about these challenges, qualified healthcare pros have witnessed it all just before and are there to support.

Self-treatment for males with discolored penis pores and skin

Creating a each day treatment routine for the penis can also support to rejuvenate the penile pores and skin and enhance its all round appearance. Washing with a gentle cleanser and rinsing extensively can support to get rid of lifeless pores and skin cells and gathered entire body fluids that maximize the threat of irritation and an infection and implementing an all-pure penis nutrient product (most well being pros recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisturizers can support to slough absent lifeless pores and skin cells and enable for the advancement of new, balanced pores and skin.

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