Lose 14 Pounds in 20 Days Using Protein and Vegetable Diet

Shed 14 Kilos in 20 Times Using Protein and Vegetable Food plan

If you are on the lookout for the nutritious diet regime which will help you to reduce 14 lbs . in 20 days.

You are in the suitable position because combined vegetable and protein diet regime will help you not only reduce lbs . but will fill your physique with energy.

At the exact same time this is a quite nutritious diet regime and it can be applied all through physical routines.

The combined diet regime is 20 days lengthy and primarily based on alternation of protein wealthy goods and vegetable goods.

The combined diet regime starts off from 2 hungry days. Through these days it is advised to take in 1 litre of small-fat milk, 1 glass of refreshing tomato juice, 2 slices of black bread (divide this total on two days)

Soon after that follows 2 days with protein wealthy food:
Early morning: 1 slice of black bread coated with 50 % teaspoon of sunflower-seed oil, just one cup of coffee or tea with milk devoid of sugar.

Lunch at 1 p.m.
One particular cup of meat or fish broth, slice of boiled meat or fish, 1 teaspoon of inexperienced peas, 1 slice of black bread.

Snack at 4 p.m.
1 glass of small-fat milk or a cup of tea with just one teaspoon of honey.

Dinner at 7 p.m.
Choose just one of the next alternatives:
1 slice of boiled meat or fish
2 slices of small-fat ham
1 boiled egg
50 g of small-fat cottage cheese
1 glass of small-fat organic yogurt with 1 slice of black bread

Next 2 days are fruit and vegetable days:
Early morning: 2 apples or an orange.
Lunch at 1 p.m.
Vegetable soup combined with just one teaspoon of vegetable oil, 1 slice of black bread, vegetable salad created of white cabbage, carrots and cucumbers.
Snack at 4 p.m.
1 fruit of your preference.
Dinner at 7p.m.
Salad created of white cabbage and cucumbers, 1 slice of black bread, 1 glass of tea with just one teaspoon of honey.

Repeat this list again starting from 2 hungry days for the upcoming 14 days.
If you will observe this diet regime appropriately you will see success previously right after the initial 6 days.

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