5 Reasons Your Diet Will Fail

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5 Reasons Your Diet Will Fail

You've lost the battle and do not even know it yet.

Diet failures happen just about as frequently as New Year's resolutions are made. The sad fact is that they most typically fail even before the diet is in full swing.

There are numerous factors as to why this happens, but there are 5 that really stand out.

Are you really, truly committed? The fact is, while most folks start out committed to weight loss, the novelty, or newness of change quickly wears off as the reality of changes starts to set in. We're creatures of habit. We like what we know and are used to. When you introduce wholesale changes to what and how your going to eat, it's a major psychological leap you've just asked your mind (and body!) To make. Many of us are not emotionally equipped to adjust to such change. So what really brings about true commitment? Meaningful and realistic goals. Creating smaller changes for example may make it easier to absorb and when you see success, it will embolden you to create more change.

Do you have a plan? Most first time dieters assume they can simply adjust their eating habits easily. Claims are made: "I'll eat healthier", "I'll eat smaller portions", etc. Very few, if any really get past the stage of such proclamations. Why? Because our perspective of what eating "healthy" and "smaller portions" are, are detected. Why then are we overweight in the first place? Having a highly structured plan, with specific recipes and weight / calorie portions is key. In a sense, it's like we're training ourselves how to eat properly. Linking back to commitment, finding the right plan, and evaluating the recipe variety are very important! After all, your going to want to eat the food in the plan and not feel "cheated".

Finding foods that fit. Nearly every successful diet plan will include an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Here is where the fun comes in: Explore new foods and vegetables. Try recipes that sound good to you that include some less known, but healthy food items. You are likely to find some new friends to serve up on your plate. Having an open mind helps here, as this is the part where your going to challenge yourself with change. If your stubborn on trying new foods, and expanding your taste horizons, then you could very well sabotage your best intentions. Be courageous!

DO NOT tell your friends. Say what? Why would I not want to tell my friends about this great choice I finally decided to make? The reality with weight loss is the social pressure to lose weight fast. If you've just told your co-workers, friends or loved ones that your starting this journey, sure they will be supportive for the most part. However, if you do not lose weight fast enough, or struggle at the beginning, you've set yourself up for receiving looks or even words from others as to why you have not lost any weight yet. Do not do this to yourself! Stay below the radar and just begin your plan. When someone notices a few weeks later that something is different about you, you'll feel AWESOME! But still keep it a secret. Keep the pressure off yourself and just focus on following your plan. When it becomes undeniable that your losing weight to others, then, and ONLY then, declare that you've made some food changes – BUT, do not say that your on a diet. Just say that your eating better. Keep that social pressure off, remember?

Set clear goals. Without question, if you do not have a place to go, how are you going to know once you get there? When setting goals, be realistic. Set short term goals around eating habits alone – do not focus on weight loss yet. Set goals to help train yourself around this new method of eating. As an example, say that you will eat 5 – 8oz meals a day for one week. Stick to that and then reset your goal. Do not set weight goals early on as that can quickly kill your plans early on. Focus on the re-training aspect until it feels comfortable to you. Once your in the swing of it, then expand your challenges around exercise and activities. Get out and walk each evening for 30 minutes. Play driveway basketball with your kids each day after work. Find activities that are fun and enjoyable. Me? I hate the gym. I'd rather be outside hiking a trail, or bicycling. Set short term goals for success!

From my experience, these 5 areas are the foundations for either making or breaking your goal to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. If your contemplating taking this step, I congratulate you! But first, be sure to seriously consider the above. I think you'll find great happiness and success if you do!

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